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A Professional Photography Studio

Photography Studio Rental

Studio East Bay Photography Studio is a professional photography studio with all the equipment necessary to accomplish  any project.
The studio is used by me, of course, but I have a long list of photographers and models that rent the studio for their individual or group projects.

Studio Hours for Rental

Monday - Friday 6pm - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday 9am - 10pm

The Studio

The total space of the studio is 1750 sq. ft. with a 20 foot ceiling.
Downstairs is 1250 sq. ft. with 3 distinct stages and sets. Upstairs is 500 sq. ft. and is distinct in it's own right. The entire main studio area, downstairs, is painted white to 14 feet high and the last 6 feet is painted in flat dark gray.

The upstairs studio is painted all flat dark gray.

Hair / Makeup Station / Kitchenette

Studio East Bay has a hair and makeup station. This station is equipped with stylist chair, makeup table and Hollywood Lighting.
The makeup/stylist station is equipped with accessories such as hair clips/ties, safety pins, makeup sponges, cleaning pads and wipes.
The changing-makeup-kitchenette area is 200 sq. ft.  
There is a small kitchenette area and is always stocked with drinks, water-soda, and the coffee is always hot.


There are 3 sets with some components of the sets moveable to other sets, such as the stage.


Set 1 - Brick Panel and Laminate Wood Floor Stage

Maximum shooting distance up to 25 ft. wall to wall.
Panel height of 12 feet x 12 feet wide.
Stage depth of 12 feet x 12 feet wide.
The stage can be moved to use with Set 2, the Seamless Paper / Muslin Set and also moved to Set 3, the Shower Set

Set 2 - Seamless Paper and Muslin Set

Maximum shooting distance up to 50 ft. wall to door.
Paper height is 12 feet x 12 feet wide and can be pulled to any reasonable length.
Paper colors available is White, Gray and Black.
Muslin is 10 feet wide and colors are Green, Blue, Gray and Black.

Set 3 - Shower Set

This is a unique set for shooting or to use for cleanup after body painting sessions.
The shower stage set is 8 feet wide x 6 feet deep. The floor height of the shower is 10.25 inches.
The usable area inside the shower is 7 feet wide and back wall is 4 feet wide. The depth is 5 feet deep.
The side walls are angled in from the front edge back to to the back wall.
This gives you more options for angles and not just shooting to a square box.
The left side wall has a step bench installed that starts at the top step at 30 in. then drops 12 in. to an 18 in high bench then drops to the floor. Each step surface is 2 feet long x 16 in wide.
Test shots just after the shower was completed. Aubry 1  Aubry 2


Dance Pole and Stage.

4 feet x 4 feet x 2 feet high with a 10 foot pole.
Usable pole height = 8 feet.
Can be utilized on any fixed set.

Storage / Work Area

The storage / work area is 260 sq. ft.
The storage and work area is comprised of props, sets, stages and work tools to create custom sets.

Other amenities

Wireless Internet
Comcast Cable TV
Stereo System(140 watts per channel) with Direct iPhone 5/5s or standard jack for all other devices such as Android and tablets.
55 in. JVC Hi-Def. TV
The TV is great for laptop/iPad teathered shooting.
30 pin iPhone/iPad adapter to HDMI available.
Lightning Pin iPhone/iPad adapter to HDMI available.

Gregory Thelen
Studio East Bay Photography Studio
411 N. Buchanan Cir. #15
Martinez, CA. 94553